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Introducing Super3: the all-new Morgan

March 2, 2022

Dear Morgan Super 3/Three Wheeler Enthusiast,

I’ve just returned from the Morgan Factory and the world unveiling of the new Super 3…truly an engineering masterpiece, technologically advanced in every way, yet retaining the vintage Morgan look, perhaps a bit more vintage “Buck Rodgers” in its conception, truly smile provoking in every possible way. From the rorty but super smooth Ford 3 Cylinder Dragon 1500 engine to the amazing plethora of options, many modular and quick change, this is a vehicle meant for use on a regular basis or a special adventure, on road, off road…..let your fantasies become your realities!

I would strongly recommend that if you are seriously interested you call either Grace or myself at 310-998-3311, or email or, and place a $2,800 credit card deposit to reserve your place in a fixed sequential Order List, no jumping the queue, to prevent a long multiyear wait later which, given the success I truly believe the Super 3 will have, will become inevitable. We will also need your color and option choices in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s a link for more info on options, pricing, colors, engineering:

Sincerely, make your fantasy your reality….
You won’t regret it….

Cheers and happy, deliriously happy, Morgan Super 3 motoring!!

Dennis Glavis

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Super 3/Three Wheeler

Southern California Morgan Sports Car Dealership new and used Aero 8 morgans for sale

The Morgan Super3
The Morgan Motor Company today unveils Super3,one of the most intriguing and distinctive vehicles the company has ever built. Super3 has been designed from the ground up to offer new levels of character, thrill and adventure, principles that have defined Morgan’s three-wheeled product since the company was founded 113 years ago.

At the very heart of Super3’s personality is its driving character. Primarily, a three wheeled Morgan is a vehicle that entices you to get behind the wheel, offering a unique combination of mechanical feel, connection to the environment and visual differentiation from anything else on the road. Few vehicles will engage their occupants like Super3, which encourages owners to feel present in the craft of motoring and entices them to embark on incredible adventures.

Morgan introduces Super3. An all-new Morgan, Super3, continues the 113-year legacy of three-wheeled Morgan vehicles
Built upon the company’s new three-part aluminium platform, Super3 is the first Morgan with a monocoquestructure Powered by a 1.5-litre Ford three-cylinder engine, it significantly exceeds thepower and
performance figures of previous three-wheeled Morgan models.

  • The Super3 sends its power to a single driven rear wheel via a Mazda five-speed manual transmission.
  • Super3 introduces a new product family for Morgan, the design language of which draws inspiration from the jet age, an era in which function influenced form and horizons were broadened.
  • Super3 is focused on offering a unique motoring experience within which driver engagement and the pursuit of adventure is encouraged.
    The most configurable Morgan ever, Super3 has been designed with a limitless combination of options and accessories for owners to tail or their vehicle.
  • Super3 is meticulously engineered, having undergone the firm’s most rigorous durability.
  • Super3 succeeds the 3Wheeler,which was produced between 2011 and 2021.
    Available to order now, Super3 with deliveries beginning in June. Contact MorganWest today.

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Meet the Morgan X-P 1- The new all-electric development prototype

Southern California Morgan Sports Car Dealership new and used Aero 8 morgans for sale
The XP-1
Meet the Morgan X-P 1- The new all-electric development prototype

We are proud to reveal the latest vehicle to break cover from Morgan’s engineering department, a new all-electric development project, XP-1.

XP-1 will act as the forerunner to all future electric Morgan sports cars, the experimental prototype will provide key information to Morgan’s engineers and designers as they embark on the development of the company’s first production electric models. The striking prototype is not intended for production but has been created to enhance thinking in several key areas including driving characterisation, powertrain development, in-house EV competence and training, and new feature ideation and testing. Following 12 months of design and build, XP-1 will now embark on a comprehensive testing programme over the next 18-24 months.

Click More information on the new XP-1.

Call Dennis for complete details (310) 998-3311.

The Morgan Plus Four — Timeless style, driver involvement, and performance.

Southern California Morgan Sports Car Dealership new and used Aero 8 morgans for sale

The Morgan Plus Four
Timeless style, driver involvement, and performance. Since its launch in 1950, these characteristics have defined our most popular model.

When a design is as established as that of the Morgan sportscar, evolution must come before revolution. Since its launch seven decades ago, the iconic silhouette has become a defining feature of the car, and that’s not about to change.

No matter how fast you’re going, or what gear you’re in,the acceleration of the all-new Morgan PlusFour is effortless. This outstanding performance is thanks to the car’s exceptionally low weight–from just1007kg dry– and its BMW 2.0-litrefour-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine, with either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission, produces 255bhp and up to 295 lbft of torque.

In the automatic variant, 0-62mph takes just 4.8 seconds (manual model: 5.2seconds), and the acceleration doesn’t stop until the car reaches its top speed of 149mph. In fact, performance of the all-new PlusFour is on par– if not exceeds, in the real world–that of the previous generation 3.7-litre Morgan V6 Roadster.

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Call Dennis for complete details (310) 998-3311.

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