Morgan West Listing

Santa Monica, California

63 Plus 4 Roadster

Older but perfectly kept every nut and bolt ground up restored.
  • chrome wire wheels
  • flow-through low-restriction headers and exhaust system
  • twin, correct SU carburetors with Morgan crest
  • Toyota dual disc brakes
  • hi-torque starter
  • rebuilt Triumph TR-3A 2138 cc engine
  • Moss 4- speed transmission
  • ¾ race tune, balanced. Blueprinted engine
  • electric fan with auto/off feature
  • Lucas 3-point headlights
  • Pirelli P3 Cinturato tires
  • highly detailed, but stock engine compartment
  • carpeted storage
  • air dam in front to direct air to radiator
  • Fergus Motors dealer badge
  • Bumper overriders front and rear
  • headlight stone guards
  • Lucas flamethrower 3/part headlights

This car was restored in Ohio by Charles Ackerman..

  • Double-earred knock off
  • Leather Package
  • Leather seats
  • Natural Wood Dash
  • Wood rimmed steering wheel

Car has 2 windscreen setups: The most interesting is a distinctive raised Brooklands windshield bar, with 2 custom tear-drop mirrors. The other is a completely stock, un-used NOS top, windshield and side windows. Car has a boot and a full tonneau. Also a badge bar, un-used, in its own case; and an additional custom case- not sure for what. Included is a left side mirror to attach with the original windshield; plus an easy-to-install vacuum rear view mirror for inside the car.

It is one of the best-driving Morgans. Fast, great cornering, rattle-free. Originally sold through Fergus Motors, N. Broadway, New York, the only U.S. dealer at the time. Comes with original correspondence from 1962-3 from the dealer, including base price and options. Has won several local car shows and concours events.

Documents include original brochure, original price list, Melvyn Rutter catalog; Morgan Spares parts catalog, and all other receipts (not many, since driven so little).

Morgan +4 Operating Information


Put in neutral. Do not depress the clutch (to avoid clutch wear.) Pull out and hold the choke. Turn key and let the fuel pump begin for 2 seconds.
Then, turn on the engine. Continue to hold the choke for 8-10 seconds.


Car runs best on 100+ octane fuel. You may choose to use an octane booster. Runs on 91, but sometimes will ‘diesel’ or run on for a second when engine is turned off.

Carburetor Oiling

Unscrew the black knurled knob on each of the 2 carbs. Remove with attached rod and brass plunger set. With your finger raise the slide, the first obstruction just inside the carb throat; gently push up with finer while watching the hole- you will see a small tube/cylinder. Fill that tube almost to the top. 1/16” below the top is good, not critical. Use a light weight oil…5 wt or SU carb oil. Make sure slides are free and the tubes oiled. Slide down. Replace and tighten the black knob.


Use a knock off hammer to loosen the wheels before jacking the car up.
Knock off in the direction of the wheels forward rotation. To the right on the right passenger side; to the left on the driver’s side.
Place scissor jack under the intersection of chassis crossmembers.
Take off spinner and wheel


Change every 5k miles or once a year.
Chassis lubrication and bolt tightening once a year.

Transmission- have included ‘gear oil’
Carbs- have included car oil
Fire extinguisher included.

Year: 1963
Make: Morgan
Model: Plus 4
Mileage: Inquire
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual
Condition: Perfect
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine: 2138cc 4 cylinder TR3 engine
Exterior Color: British Racing Green
Interior Color: Black
Pre-Owned: Pre-owned
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