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Santa Monica, California

2005 Morgan Aero 8

Perfect condition, sold new by ourselves; local car.

The Morgan Aero 8 is a sports car built by Morgan Motor Company at its factory in Malvern Link, England (an area of Malvern in Worcestershire) and designed by the firm’s designer Matthew Humphries.
The Aero 8 is notable for several reasons, primarily because it is the first new Morgan design since 1964’s +4+. It does not use anti-roll bars, an oddity in a modern sporting car. It is also the first Morgan vehicle with an aluminium chassis and frame as opposed to traditional Morgan vehicles (“trads”) that have an aluminium skinned wooden body tub on a steel chassis.

The engine first powering the Aero 8 was a 4400 cc V8 built by BMW mated to a 6-Speed Ge¬¬trag transmission. In 2007, the Series 4 Aero 8 was released which had an upgraded 4799 cc V8 built by BMW with an optional ZF automatic transmission. All Aero 8s are assembled at Morgan’s Malvern Link factory, where they are able to produce up to 14 cars a week (Aeros and trads).
It has been criticized for its “crosseyed” look which originally was justified by the manufacturers as conferring aerodynamic benefits. In response, Morgan changed the design for 2007 and later cars to a front end design based on the Morgan Aeromax, using Mini rather than VW New Beetle headlights.

  • Alloy wheels
  • CD/DVD Autochanger
  • Leather seats


Vehicle type: front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 2-
door roadster
Major standard accessories: power windows; A/C; tilting and
telescoping steering wheel
Sound system: none

Type: V-8, aluminum block and heads
Bore x stroke: 3.62 x 3.26 in, 92.0 x 82.7mm
Displacement : 268 cu in, 4398cc
Compression ratio: 10.0:1
Fuel-delivery system: port injection
Valve gear: chain-driven double overhead cams,
4 valves per cylinder, hydraulic lifters,
variable intake-valve timing
Power (SAE net): 282 bhp @ 5400 rpm
Torque (SAE net): 324 lb-ft @ 3600 rpm
Redline: 6100 rpm

Transmission: 6-speed manual
Final-drive ratio: 3.08:1, limited slip
Gear Ratio Mph/1000 rpm Max. speed in gears
I 4.28 5.6 34 mph (6100 rpm)
II 2.51 9.4 57 mph (6100 rpm)
III 1.67 14.1 86 mph (6100 rpm)
IV 1.23 19.1 117 mph (6100 rpm)
V 1.00 23.5 143 mph (6100 rpm)
VI 0.83 28.3 155 mph (5500 rpm)


Wheelbase: 99.6 in
Track, front/rear: 59.4/59.4 in
Length/width/height: 162.2/69.7/47.2 in
Ground clearance: 4.0 in
Drag area, Cd (0.39) x frontal area (20.9 sq ft, est): 8.15 sq ft
Curb weight: 2476 lb
Weight distribution, F/R: 50.9/49.1%
Curb weight per horsepower: 8.8 lb
Fuel capacity: 18.5 gal

Type: full-length frame integral with body
Body material: aluminum stampings

SAE volume, front seat: 40 cu ft
Luggage: 5 cu ft
Front-seat: adjustments fore and aft, seatback angle
Restraint systems, front: manual 3-point belts, driver and
passenger front airbags

Perfect condition, sold new by ourselves; local car.

  • Morgan Silver Shark Metallic exterior
  • Blue wool carpets
  • Blue mohair top
  • Factory Side exhaust
  • Alpine stereo
Year: 2005
Make: Morgan
Model: Aero Supersports
Mileage: 34,000
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Condition: As New
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine: 4.4 L BMW
Exterior Color: Morgan Silver Shark
Interior Color: Blue
Pre-Owned: Pre-owned
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