Janus Motorcycles

Simple, beautiful machines that are a joy to own and ride

The Halcyon 450 Rambler Edition is a special edition built-to-order Halcyon 450.



We make simple, beautiful machines that are a joy to own and ride. We draw on the Northern Indiana spirit of manufacturing to create a personal, unique, and relatable product. We utilize our global marketplace to source reliable, tried-and-true components. We build to order and sell directly to our riders, cultivating a connection with each and every owner.




Riders who are looking for a closer connection with their machine, the road, and the passing landscape.

Riders who are looking for a machine that is designed for the kind of riding we most love to do: county-road joy rides, zipping through the city, windy roads, and riding a bike at its limit without risking life or limb.

Riders who value experience more than size or specification.

Riders who celebrate form and function.

Janus Halcyon 450

The Halcyon 450


The Halcyon 450 motorcycle features many outstanding innovations.

Check out Janus Halcyon 450 Spec Walkthrough  Click Here


The Gryffin 450


Gryffin 450 hits the gravel!.
Exploring some gravel roads on the 2nd prototype of our upcoming Gryffin 450 scrambler motorcycle.
Built from the ground up with exploration in mind, the Gryffin 450 is the perfect combination of lightweight design, comfortable ergonomics, and adventure-ready suspension and ground clearance.

NEW VIDEO: Janus Gryffin 450 Scrambler Gravel Roads on Prototype #2  Click Here

For more information and to order a new Janus Motorcycle contact Dennis Glavis at (310) 998-3311

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