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Santa Monica, California

1958 Morgan Plus 4 DropHead Coupe

Morgan 100th Anniversary Best in Show Winner!!

The Plus 4 at its introduction was fitted with a 2088 cc engine based on that used in the Standard Vanguard, installed on a strengthened 4/4, chassis with a wheelbase lengthened by 4 in (102 mm). Hydraulic brakes, at first all drum, were fitted for the first time on a Morgan.
In 1953 a higher performance version was announced with the 1991 cc I4 engine as used in the Triumph TR2. A cowl that blended into the bonnet now surrounded the radiator grille. Front disc brakes became an option in 1959 and were standardized in 1960. From 1962 the engine was the Triumph TR4 unit, which increased displacement to 2138 cc.
In 1955 the less powerful 4/4 model re-appeared in phase II form. The 96 in (2,438 mm) wheelbase of the Plus 4 was adopted by the 4/4 when it reappeared in 1955, after which the two cars were for most purposes the same length and width.

  • 72 spoke Stainless wirewheels
  • Double-earred knock off
  • Leather seats
  • Lucas 576 driving lights
  • Manual Transmission

Morgan's Original Specs -- some cars may have been modified. Inquire for complete details.

Production: 3737
Price at launch: £652
Performance: 0-60mph: 14.1secs
Top speed: 85.0mph
Power: 68.0bhp
Torque: 113.0lb ft
MPG: 28.0mpg


Configuration: in-line four
Aspiration: Normal
Fuel: Petrol
Fuel delivery: carburetor

Suspension Front: Independent, coil spring
Suspension Rear: Live axle, leaf spring
Steering: N/A
Bodyframe: chassis and separate body
Transmission: Four-speed manual

Length: 3658mm
Wheelbase: 2438mm
Weight: 838kgs


Engine manufacturer: Rover 3.5-Litre V8 based on Buick Fireball 215
Engine type: spark-ignition 4-stroke
Fuel type: petrol (gasoline)
Fuel system: 2 carburetors
Charge system: naturally aspirated
Valves per cylinder:2

Valves timing:
Additional features:
OHV pushrod operated
Emission control: Emission standard:
Cylinders alignment: V 8
Displacement:3532 cm3 / 215.5 cui
Bore: 88.9 mm / 3.5 in
Stroke: 71.12 mm / 2.8 in
Compression ratio:10.5 : 1
Horsepower net:125 kW / 170 PS / 168 hp (net)/ 5200
Torque net: 284 Nm / 210 ft-lb/ 2700
Horsepower gross:137.2 kW / 187 PS / 184 hp (SAE)/ 5200
Torque gross:306 Nm / 226 ft-lb/ 3000
Redline rpm: 5750

Car power to weight ratio net:137.4 watt/kg / 62.3 watt/lb
Car weight to power ratio net: 7.3 kg/kW / 5.4 kg/PS / 11.9 lbs/hp
Fuel capacity: 62 liter / 16.4 U.S. gal / 13.6 imp. gal
Engine lubricant oil capacity: 5.7 liter / 6 U.S. qt / 5 imp. Qt with filter change
Engine coolant capacity:9.2 liter / 9.7 U.S. qt / 8.1 imp. qt
Battery capacity (Ah):


Rather spectacular example of Morgan’s rarest and most valuable, most elegant production model, the DropHead Coupe.
One of 515 Dropheads ever built inc. Flatrad DropHeads

Morgan 100th Anniversary Best in Show Winner!!

  • 2138cc 4 cylinder TR3 engine, rated at 100 Horsepower; 125 ft lbs of torque; Top Speed, 115MPH
  • 4 speed Moss gearbox

This car has never been detailed or polished. Morgan West will do major detail, especially engine bay for whomever buys it.

Year: 1958
Make: Morgan
Body Style: Drophead
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual
Condition: Beautifully Maintained
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine: 2138cc 4 cylinder TR3 engine
Exterior Color: Regency Red
Interior Color: Black
Pre-Owned: Pre-owned
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