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Super 3 Malle Rally Special

In stock-the only one for sale in North America
  • Exterior: Safari Yellow
  • Interior:Black Moto Vinyl
  • 1.5 in-line three cylinder
  • Heated seats
  • Black solid wheels

OK Folks,

Here’s your glorious opportunity….get that new Limited Edition Malle Rally Super 3
and you can participate in some of the world’s great rallies and adventures!

Cross the Alps several times..

Travel to the Artic Circle…..

Beach racing……

California may be on the 2025 Rally schedule…….so……

This may be the most fun, most memorable adventure you’ve ever been offered…

I’ve ordered mine, now order yours from MorganWest and let’s Super three wheel it…….

Dennis Glavis
Morgan West

Ownership of the Super 3 Malle Rally Special includes an invitation to a future Malle Rally, where owners will be able to take part in an unforgettable week-long adventure in their own car. Those rallies includeThe Great Malle Rally in the UK, The Great Malle Mountain Rally in Europe and the forthcoming Great Malle Arctic Rally

Morgan West Super 3 Videos

Check out these amazing new videos
Take a closer look at the details of the new Morgan Super 3
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Experience a once in a lifetime ride through the desert in a new Morgan Super 3
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Southern California Morgan Sports Car Dealership new and used Aero 8 morgans for sale

With the introduction of Morgan Plus models in November 2022, we provided even more ability for customers to tailor their dream Morgan. For decades, we have famously – and proudly – allowed customers to order vehicles in any paint colour imaginable, over 40,000 in fact. And with 40 different interior trim and carpet options on Plus models, there is an almost endless combination of colourways and options available, ensuring every customer can create a true “one-off”.

In a quest for colour, we are inviting new customers to embrace their inner creative when specifying a new Plus Four or Plus Six this summer, with a full choice of paint and interior trim options included as standard.

Until September 30th, all Plus Four and Plus Six orders will benefit from a range of options at no additional cost. [...]

New 2023 Morgan Super 3 “Il Notte” Edition

Supercar Cred Without the Supercar Price -- Motor Trend
  • June 22, 2023
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New 2023 Super 3

Exterior– Matt Black
Interior– Black leather

Click Your Adventure Awaits– Configure your own 3-wheeler

  • Paint: Matt Black
  • Wheels: Black
  • Exterior Finishes: Cowl-bodycolor gloss
  • Roll Hoop & Mirrors-Polished
  • Exhaust Tip-polished, Exhaust-Stainless Steel,
  • Lighting-LED headlights
  • Interior Textiles: Pleating-Quilted, Headrest Embroidery Super 3 Numeral,
  • Seats-Heated,
  • Chassis Insert & Tunnel-match upholstery,
  • Rubber Floor mats
  • Cockpit:
  • Dashboard-Bodycolor,
  • Embellishers-Anodized Black,
  • Steering Wheel-Moto-Lita 13”
  • Cockpit bungee cords-Beige,
  • Under seat storage-Lockable
  • USB Charging port
  • Footwell Heater,
  • Beeline Navigation Unit
  • Cup Holder
  • Seat Protection Pad-Seat step guard
  • Accessories:
  • Cockpit Rail-black
  • Low Fly Screen-Low/clear,
  • Tonneau Cover
  • Tail Tidy
  • Headlight Mesh

New 2023 Morgan Super 3

Arriving August 5th

New 2023 Morgan Super 3, due in August 5th

  • Safari Yellow exterior
  • Tan Leather interior
  • Silver Metallic Side Blades, side rails, cockpit rails
  • Silver Metallic nose cowl
  • Navigation
  • Footwell Heater
  • Footwell lighting
  • Gloss Veneered walnut dash
  • Silver Anodised hardware
  • Heated Seats
  • Lockable Storage
  • Clear low fly screens
  • Mariner Tan leather in quilted pattern
  • Super 3 logo embroidered between seats
  • Malle Luggage to match interior
  • Cockpit inserts to match upholstery
  • Phone Mount
  • Polished cockpit Roll Bars
  • Polished Wing mirrors
  • Brown mohair fabric tonneau
  • Seat step guard
  • Silver cockpit rails
  • USB Charging
  • Available for purchase now!!

Special edition Morgan 3W owner’s watch

Special Bremont Morgan Chronometer
A small group of us have been working with Bremont to design a special edition M3W owners watch. It is based on their Broadsword in steel or bronze and includes a customized dial and case back, The watches are intended for M3W owners, their spouse/partner or close friends therefore all orders will be vetted to ensure your bona fides. Apart from this all ordering, payment and delivery arrangements will be directly with Bremont UK. Production will be limited to just 50 watches and the project is subject to all 50 watches being ordered. There is nothing to pay right now but when we have the 50 orders Bremont will be in touch regarding a £600/€600 deposit. When all deposits have been received the watches will be scheduled for production. The remaining balance due would be collected just before the watches are ready to ship which should be about 8-9 months later. For more info: Click here


Morgan café racer bicycle
PASHLEY-MORGAN 10 The Pashley-Morgan 10 is the latest addition to the range. Whereas the 3 and 8 are intended for fair-weather weekend rides, the 10 is your go to bicycle, designed for everyday use. With a derailleur gear setup, raised bars, front rack, full mudguards and a lighter weight, the 10 is well-specified and entirely usable. Full specification and pricing of the Pashley-Morgan 10 is coming soon.


Morgan café racer bicycle
PASHLEY-MORGAN 3 Lighter and more stripped back than its predecessor, the latest edition of the Pashley-Morgan 3 is a fitting evolution to the entry level cycle in the range. Finished in a custom burgundy colour with tan wall tyres, the 3 is now equipped with dropped handlebars to mirror the 8. Intended as more of a path racer, the 3 is now fitted with a multisurface tyre to increase usability on varying terrains.


The 8 is a café racer bicycle
PASHLEY-MORGAN 8 The most popular of the cycles in the Pashley-Morgan range, the Pashley-Morgan 8 has subtly evolved for this latest edition. A tweak to the branding design and the introduction of a Brooks leather saddle – ensuring all contact points are now leather – suitably update the bicycle. The 8 is a café racer bicycle, featuring a bespoke frame in a monochromatic silver finish, unique to the Pashley-Morgan range.
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