Morgan West Listing

Santa Monica, California

New 2023 Morgan Super 3

"DeHaviland Vampyre Commemorative edition" Nearly every possible extra available

New 2023 Morgan Super 3
“DeHaviland Vampyre Commemorative edition”

  • Matte Black exterior
  • Black leather, Vertical pleated/ paneled Typhoon leather interior
  • Sport Exhaust system in black
  • Headlights, LED, moved to outer positions
  • LED Driving Lights, central position
  • 14” MotoLita steering wheel, Black leather
  • Black cockpit bungees and rails
  • Exo side racks in Black
  • Footwell Heater
  • Low fly screens, yellow or clear (your choice)
  • Malle Dry Bags, exterior luggage, both sides
  • Cockpit inserts done in black finish
  • Inner body Finish ibn Matte Graphite
  • Matte Veneered Dashboard
  • Side Rack bungees in black
  • Side rails, black
  • Structural castings, Dark grey/graphite colour
  • Union Jack badges, done in black enamel
  • USB Charging system, under dash
  • Black storm cover
  • DeHaviland Vampyre Super 3 pilots’ chronograph included
  • 72 spoke wirewheels
  • Call for more details
  • Leather Package
  • New tires

Call for details

Call for details

Year: 2023
Make: Morgan
Model: 3-Wheeler
Mileage: New
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Condition: Brand New
Engine: Ford's light and compact 1.5-liter, three-cylinder
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black
New-Car: new-car
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