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Santa Monica, California

1956 Morgan Plus 4, Four Seater

An exquisite beautiful modern driving Morgan

1956 Morgan Plus 4, Four Seater

  • Stunning old complete restoration of 1956 Morgan Plus 4 Four Passenger Roadster
  • Dark red body/black wings (exquisite paint)
  • Black rexine interior with red piping
  • Black rexine top, tonneau, side curtains with red piping
  • 1800cc Fiat Twin Cam engine with Fiat 5 speed transmission (2bbl Weber carb)
  • Drives like a brand new 21st Century Morgan!
  • 60 spoke paint wire wheels
  • Front disc brakes
  • This is an exquisite beautiful modern driving Morgan

Please see vehicle overview for more details.

  • 72 spoke wirewheels
  • Call for details
  • Double-earred knock off
  • Leather/mouton bonnet strap
  • Leather seats
  • Natural Wood Dash

Call for details

Owned for years by George Goodwrench He restored it for himself as his last hurrah ~1993 before retiring but got sick and never got to use it. Sold it to Gary Kaye when he was Pres of Mog Club. Gary drove it for like 1.5 yrs , then he “traded up” for the propane +8 and it came to me via Dennis at Ferrari of Los Gatos in Oct. 1995. 2Liter DOHC engine w 2BBL downdraught Weber carb. Miles on it are since odo reset upon completion of resto.

Won best resto at MogWest at Cambria the one and only time I took it down there (c 1996 or 1997) and several awards at local concours including British Car Day in Palo Alto and Brisbane back in the day. Shown at The Quail in Etceterini type class given Fiat mechanicals - THAT was a hoot as it got TONS of attention amongst the more truly Ital entries.

Maintained primarily by Dick Tuttle save for rear end replacement sourced ~2008 sourced by Greg Solo and installed by Rene Weigand at Burlingame Motors under Greg and Dick’s guidance. Rene has also done basic fluid changes/flushes these past years since Dick has been less involved. Driven maybe 5K miles since new rear end installed. Also very early on Dick arranged for the driver’s seat to have about 1.5-2” more travel by changing out the track and reshaping the rear interior wheel well. Made a big diff given my longish limbs.

Car has been basically incredibly reliable and flawless all this time. Did every Mog Club event for ages and graced the cover of the Dec. 1997 full color Morgazette with overhead view of Marian in XMAS cap - awesome image - I have a few mint copies of that one. Gone on many Candy Store runs of varying lengths etc. since I fell away from Mog club c.2005…??? Has not participated in any organized events these past 2 years since covid though driven spiritedly every several weeks throughout 2020 then only about 3X in 2021 and not at all since late August. Battery is fairly new and receipt/warranty is in glove box.
Also the lid to the overflow canister (Glenfiddich tin) may need to be unstuck.

Cosmetically untouched since resto - a few paint cracks and the stupid scrape on left rear wheel arch done by me the very last time I parked it in August - SO lame but hey it took 26 years. ;-)

I am seriously torn and crushed to let it go. It is by far the most cherished and most fun car I have ever owned - and as you know I’ve owned a bunch. Basically this spells the end of the car bug for me - a day I never meant to live to see. Always thought it would be with me to the end. More smiles per mile in that Morgan than any other car. Heck it’s not a car so much as a cartoon. EVERYBODY loves it and no one thinks your a stuck up dick for driving it.

Year: 1956
Make: Morgan
Model: Plus 4
Mileage: Inquire
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Condition: Fully restored
Drivetrain: RWD
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Color: Black
Pre-Owned: Pre-owned
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